One of the places I have been looking for jobs is at my undergraduate institution, which is a large research institution.  There is usually a deadline to apply to many of these jobs, usually 2 weeks.  One thing I have noticed is that a number of jobs are re-posts, meaning that they had the position posted for a period of time and couldn’t find someone for the job, therefore posting it again.  Either no one applied to those positions or they didn’t find the candidates suitable.

I applied to several of those jobs before they were re-posted.  Some were jobs in the psychology department and a couple were in the molecular genetics department. For each job, there are 2 lists of qualifications, required and desired.  The required qualifications usually consisted of having a 4 year degree related to the job and research experience.  The desired qualifications were more specific, usually wanting research experience in the specific topic the position was for.

I met the required qualifications for every job I applied to (it would just be a waste of time if I didn’t).  I have degrees in psychology and biology, undergraduate research experience in behavioral ecology, and a short post graduation research experience aquatic ecology.  However, I usually did not meet their desired qualifications.

Because I applied to these jobs, these re-posts are not because of lack of applicants.  I am assuming that posting a job, waiting for applications, and reviewing applications is a very time consuming job.  I also assume that because these positions are not filled, that these labs are not running as full capacity, which is usually not what a PI wants (otherwise they wouldn’t have posted the job in the first place).

I am confused as to why they didn’t hire or even contact me (or other applicants) .  Were the required qualifications really the minimum qualifications that they wanted?  If not, then why were they listed as so?  If they weren’t, then they wasted my time and everyone else’s who applied.

I understand there is a financial and time associated cost to training, but wouldn’t that be cheaper than not having a person doing work for you for several months? Also, you could argue that less trained personnel could be paid less, therefore decreasing the cost to train them.  If anyone has any insight, I would love to hear it.

Honestly, I’m a little frustrated that even though I meet their minimum requirements, they chose to re-post a job instead of contacting me.  I even emailed the PI for the molecular genetics job.  I told him/her that I applied for these positions last fall and have noticed that they were re-posted.  I then asked her what I could do to make my application more competitive since I was still looking for a job.

I still haven’t gotten an answer; honestly, I don’t expect to. That’s OK, there are always other jobs to apply to :


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