My not so scientific life

Recently, my life (more specifically my summer) has not been so scientific.  It has mostly involved tutoring and working.  However here are some sciency tidbits that did make it:

  • Two grad students in my department successfully defended and became PhD’s!  One was a lab mate and the other was my evolution TA and worked closely with my lab.
  • My adviser gave his tenure talk earlier this summer and recently submitted all of his stuff for tenure.
  • I am planning on having a talk with my boss about going to graduate school.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I will go to part time or just quit (more on that later).
  • I’ve learned what class I will be TAing for and have started to look for classes to take fall semester.
  • I participated in a couple of hearing studies.  I was the control for the test the researchers would use on people who received a special type of implant.
  • I participated in 2 fMRI studies.  One involved positive and negative associations of words (and possibly political stance) and the other involved measuring what the brain does when anticipating good and bad outcomes.  One of the graduate students learned that I was a psychology major during undergrad and thought this stuff was interesting, so she gave me an image of my brain!  PS, for those of you who have never been in a fMRI, they are really easy to fall asleep in.

fMRI image of my brain!!


About myscientificlife

Welcome to myscientificlife! I recently completed my undergrad at State University. I am currently taking a year off of school and applying to graduate schools. This lovely blog is mostly about my journey towards grad school and other things I find interesting, such as food, podcasts, and books. Probably mostly food. You can reach me at
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